Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Back to School in September

For some of us, its time to prepare for back to school but not for me as my son is an adult now. This doesn't mean I can't remember what it was like and what I did to prepare for it.

Today's card is a reminder of that first day when our kids returned to school full of hope, excitement and desire to succeed.

Here I am using the digi stamps 'back to school party' by tiddlyinks. The digi stamps by tiddlyinks are very easy to use for instance you get guides as to where your shadows would lie as the artist adds shading to the images for you.

So I pulled out my kuretake paints and paintbrushes and laid them out with my pencil and eraser. I first did a sketch of the backgrund which included the tree, bushes, school bus, road and pavement. Once they were in place, I erased some of the lines that were unnecessary such as the lines of the bus drawn through the digi images.

I started adding a wash of colour throughout the background of the composition. Then I built upon that starting with the bus, the tree, the road, and the bush. I then added a light wash to the kids and then continued to add more and more deeper colour until I reached the result I wanted.

Here is the card again. I hope you like it and that it will encourage you to use digi stamps such as the ones available at TiddlyInks. I look forward to having you here again and feel free to leave a comment.

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