Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happy Independence Day Trinidad and Tobago

Welcome back everyone. Today is a very important day to me. It's the day we Trinbagonians, Trinidadians and Tobagonians or trinis as we are so fondly known, celebrate our Independence.

Its Trinidad's 55th year of achievement of this milestone, having separated from Great Britain in 1962. This meant we now had our own constitution, we could define our own culture and definitely and ultimately shape our own destiny.

Our country's colours are Red, White and Black- strong colours that symbolize the strength, dedication, unity and love of the people all coming together as one surrounded by the pure waters of the sea and the ocean.

Trinidad is a truly beautiful island not really known for its beaches as most them are pretty rough. We are more known for our spirit, our friendship, our food, our diverse races and culture, our Carnival and our resilience.

Here is a pic of one of our national birds- the scarlet ibis- isn't she a beaut?

We are also proud of our national instrument- the steel pan- a truly ingenious invention  originally made out of oil drums but capable of carrying sweet tunes of any symphony.....

I want to wish each and every Trinidadian or 'trini' at heart a very peaceful and joyful Happy Independence.

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