Monday, January 22, 2018

Simple Watercolour Background

Hi there

Today I am featuring a practice piece which I coloured with coloured pencils. The twist is that for the background I used water colour.

The image is a lovely drawing by yampuff and this is from a class by Kit and Clowder where Alyce teaches you to create simple backgrounds. In the class, the mermaid was previously coloured using markers, but because I am on holiday, I only walked with my prismacolour pencils and some watercolour paints left over on my palette. So I did this one on my own, selecting my own colour pencils for the image but using the technique of the watercolour background.

The prisma pencils I used were

BUBBLES- 1006, 1021,and 992
HAIR- 997,924, 922, 944, 925
BRA- 995,994,929
BODY- 913, 1005, 1024, 909 989

The background was loosely painted around the shape of the image with brighter colours to add a glow.

For the scaly look to the body of the mermaid I did some stipling with a darker colour pencil.

Hope you like today's practice piece and that it would either encourage you to take classes at Kit and Clowder if you so desire or to try this piece on your own.

I look forward to seeing back here soon.

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