Thursday, February 22, 2018

Colouring hair

Hi there and welcome to another colorific (if that's a word) day at Sweet Cherry Cards.

Today I am showing you how colouring hair in colours other than brown or black, on your image can be quite exciting and frankly quite cute. I must admit with the colours I chose the card has turned out pretty awesome. And to think I almost threw away the image as I was gathering up the scrap paper lying around, to dispose, in the bin. This gem just fell out onto the floor and I went hmmm. This is really cute how did you end up where you did.

So in this post I am showing you that sometimes doing something you might not ordinarily do , can turn out really in the purple hair.

Here is one of the new Tiddlyinks' Wryn images, coloured in blues and purple. Hope you like.....

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