Friday, June 22, 2018

Feel Better with Pom Poms and Prismacolor pencils

Hi there and welcome to a new episode of cardmaking at Sweet Cherry Cards.

Todays card is entitled 'Feel Better'. The idea behind the card is to cheer on anyone who is feeling in low spirits or not feeling well...and let them know that theyre not alone.

I know that it can sometimes be difficult to find a bit of happiness when you feel down but the mere fact that someone took the time to send you or make you a card to show you that they understand you need cheering up, I think its enough to raise your spirits.

The stamp I've decided to use is that of a cheerleader called 'pompomabella' at Stampingbella. Its a really cute stamp.

Here are the prismacolor pencils I used for the card
Pompom- orange, crimson red, poppy red, carmine red, blush pink
Dress- yellow ochre, cream, canary yellow, lemon yellow
Hair- dark brown, burnt ochre, sienna brown
Body- light peach,peach,burnt ochre
Ground shadow- dark brown, sienna brown

After colouring the image I backed it on to red and white striped paper and I also added a button with red and white twine.

I hope you liked today's card and I look forward to having you back here at sweet cherry's card.

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