Thursday, June 22, 2017

Using Glossy Accents to add more depth to cards

Hi there and welcome back.

Today I want to share with you a card I made using the technique of adding glossy accents to create more depth to the card's look. The stamp I chose is from Tiddly Inks wonderful collection of Digital Stamps. Its a very playful stamp called 'Awww Thanks'.

What I love about this tiddly ink stamp is the idea of carefreeness and playfulness which as adults, we wish we could capture once more. Remember the days of running everywhere barefeet without any thought and when every flower, wild or not, was just beautiful? That's what this stamp reminds me of and I was trying to capture that essence.

To make the card, I first printed the downloaded image onto white cardstock. The lines on the trousers were made using the 005 Micron Pen. I then painted her, using Kuretake paints which I had left on my palette. I have different shades of browns, yellows and blues on my palette which I often mix together sometimes adding other colours as I go along. The red for the flowers was No 30.

When the image was completed, I fussy cut around the shape and added Ranger's Glossy accents to the clothes, the centres of the flowers and the eyes of the girl to give her a sort of doll-like finish. While she was drying, I began work on the background.

For the background, I used papers from DCWV Year Round Paper Pack. I die cut the grass out of one of the green sheets glued it on top of the paper with the cloud design. The fence was die cut from one of the brown sheets and I adhered it with double sided tape. Once the girl had completely dried (I left it for at least an hour in front of the fan) I double backed the image with the double sided tape so she would stand out more than the fence. I added strips of the brown paper around the edges of the card for more emphasis.

Hope you enjoyed this simple card using glossy accents and I look forward to seeing you on my next blog.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Cards with Picture Windows

Hi there and welcome back to Sweet Cherry Designs.

Hope you enjoyed the mixing of patterns in my last blog and I hope you were able to get a better understanding of it. If you haven't, I do intend to do more pattern mixing with more information as to making your cards a little more cohesive.

Today's card has pattern mixing but also the element of a picture window.

You're probably thinking this looks difficult but its actually not.

The tools and materials used were 8.5 X 11 Cardstock, patterned Paper, Circular Dies, Big Shot machine,Paper Cutter, Crafter's Companion- The Ultimate Tool, Stamps, Paints and Patience.

Firstly, I die cut a semi circle using the circular dies from MFT Die-namics. I placed half of the die on the cardstock in a landscape position(the other half was on the cutting pad) and ran it through the big shot machine.

I then proceeded to score the entire card into 3 parts, the first which was diecut , I scored at 2.75 in and then turning around the card to the opposite side I scored at the 2.75 mark. I went back to the big shot and die cut the semi circle on the opposite side so when I put them together they were a match and made a full circle.

Just to go back a bit. To get them lined up, I fitted the die in the first semi circle cut I made and traced where the semicircle cut should be on the opposite side by drawing in pencil, an inner and an outer line of the die on the card stock. Then I taped the die onto the cardstock between the two lines I had drawn and cut a 2nd semi circle. Now they line up as a full circle. Thats' your window.

I then proceeded to stamp and paint the image from Stampendous- Cling Hearth Nap and painted it with my Kuretake paints which is still on my palette from a previous painting I did.

To cover the white cardstock opening I cut the pretty paper from Die cuts with a view. Its a paper pack called 'the year round stack'. Using my pattern mixing skill I used plaid and stripes to coordinate together. Plaid on the outside and stripes on the inside because you do get a view of the stripes on the inside against the backdrop of the plaid so you have to ensure that your choices of paper go together.

The paper was cut to 5.5 and then I die cut a circle in the middle of it using the same circular die. I then cut through the circle thus cutting the paper in half so it would fit over the semi circles made for the opening of the card. I then glued the paper down and trimmed off the edges added glitter strips at the bottom of the outside of the card and a red bow on the inside of the card for added effect.

Hope you like my picture window card and I look forward to seeing you at my next blog.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mixing patterns

Hi there welcome back.

Hope you enjoyed some of my adventures in Grenada. I must admit I had a ton load of fun but I missed my card making.

In today's card I am demonstrating the use of different patterns as well as warm and cool colours.

I picked the large print stripes and matched it with the small dots and to add interest I matched the cool blue with warm yellow dashes on which the foreground was matted. Now the stripes and dots are from the same paper family which often makes it easier to match styles. The paper with yellow and white dashes ties in because I use the same colour family from the foreground.

In terms of the foreground I used the two owls from the clearly besotted 'woodland kisses' and the leafy branches from doodle blooms altenew. Using copic marker E57, I widened the branches and also added a few more. The hearts are also from 'woodland kisses'.

The images were stamped using distress ink vintage photo and then painted using kuretake paints.
Hope this helps you to mix patterns better as well as in making your cards look more cohesive.

Have a great day card making....

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Monday, May 29, 2017

At the West Indies Beer Co, Grenada

Wow I think Grenada just got even better with the West Indies Beer Co. at Lance Aux Epines Grenada.

Its been there a while but my boyfriend and I finally decided to give it a try and we really enjoyed it. And, I think it was the beer I sampled that also made me forget that I was flying home the next day, however its a good thing I decided to check my plane reservations that same night albeit at 10pm.

So thankfully I did not miss my flight...

Now back to the beer you would be surprised to know that beer is not to my taste but adventure is my middle name so I tried one of the beers called 'black rock' with 8.3 % alcohol and it had a punch.... Its a good thing it was just a sample...whooooo... Even my dearbf who has had several strong beers while living many years in England thought ....whooo....that's a beer.

I just had the cider...also brewed was delightfully delicious...hmmmm. The drinks were served in mason jars. My dearbf loved the jars and I reminded him I wanted to get a few last year in the US and he thought it was a crazy idea....not anymore...he's looking to get some when we travel this year. Talk about change of mind..hahaha...or was that the 8.3% talking there. The beers are brewed and drunk right there on the compound which adds to the ambience. When we arrived, there were just a handful of persons but then as it got darker more and more persons arrived there so you know its one of the 'happening' places in Grenada without a doubt.

The food was excellent as well we ordered ribs and coleslaw but the meal also came with fries so it was worth the stop. The prices too are excellent and I would recommend anyone to visit...the West Indies Beer Co.

Here are some of the pics from our adventure at the West Indies Beer Co

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Leaving Concord Falls behind- driving through Belvedere Estate

I was saddened to leave the beautiful concord falls but we were taking a drive through the countryside of Grenada and it was already late afternoon.

The drive back out was filled with talk of the amazing beauty and sheer wonder of the Falls. How powerful it sounded and how pristine it was. We continued along the road towards Gouyave, a fishing village on the western side of the island- looking at the villagers from the community sitting at the side of the road, enjoying their sunday afternoon sunshine, some were in the park watching a local football match, some were bathing in the sea. There were mothers, aunts and sisters combing the hair of young ones , family members even neighbours/ friends.

We decided to go through the interior of the island for a change, taking the road to Clozier, through the Belvedere Estate. On the way there, we passed an area where some friends of ours had a picnic by the river. I took a few pics of the riverbed as I am always fascinated by the way a rocky riverbed looks.

The road through the Belvedere estate is a very bumpy road, so you would definitely need a 4 wheel drive. We didnt meet many cars along the way and the scenery was varied.

We passed fields of banana trees where the fruits were covered with blue plastic bags with vented holes. I was told it was to protect against insects, birds etc.

We drove on and as we rounded a bend I was awestruck at the height of two palm trees in an adjacent field. It was at least over 100 ft tall. I said 'we have to stop..I must take some photos of these trees'

I was amazed, I got back into the car and we continued driving through the estate. I was still looking for more pics to tell my story of this beautiful countryside. Well I got just that.. the road pass through this beautiful canopy ...
I said just one word 'Wow!' Then I said 'isn't this place just beautiful....' I haven't taken so many pictures in a long while. It was truly amazing...

Hope you enjoyed this little journey with me and will be back with more of my travels through Grenada.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My little secret pool/garden I saw at Concord Falls

Hi there. Welcome back. You're probably wondering about my little secret pool/garden. Well when I began taking photos of the waterfall, I happened to look down from the road towards a building, which was situated across the way of the waterfall and I said WOW.... look how beautiful. It was like a little secret pool/garden.

The water was clean and clear and the vegetation around the pool gave it a sort of unspoiled appearance. Apparently my secret garden/pool was a continuation of a small waterfall across the way where we parked. The water fell from the hills above the roadway, then gathered in a pool there which then continued under the roadway and emptied into my secret pool.

Here is another pic of my secret pool..that I photographed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Taking a drive to the Concord waterfall in Grenada

Hi there everyone..I'm taking a little break from card making....

From my subject line you can tell that I'm in Grenada- a small island in the caribbean sea. A couple days ago my dear bf and I took a drive around the island and decided to find the waterfall. We have passed the sign to it may be a hundred times and we never explored the route there.

So on seeing the sign we took the gentle sloping road to the right which said 'Concord Waterfall- 2 miles'....and the journey began. We passed a few houses along the way which then gave out to vegetation. After driving for a while, we saw the sign saying 'Concorde Waterfalls- 1 mile' so we kept driving as we were determined to find it that day and then there it was.... This beautiful majestic falls.

I looked back at the road from whence we came and took a pic of it. Even that was beautiful...

I took a few more pics of the area from the top of the road across from the Concord falls which were just so amazing.

In my next post you will see a secret pool and garden that got its start in another waterfall across the way.. Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sparkle and Shine Day 4

Hi there. welcome back.

Day 4's class was all about shimmer, pearl and flakes. Beautiful, beautiful designs and ideas from the teachers. Here are my submissions

The first card, I used luminarte shimmer paints in sunflower, mallard green and cinnamon. I used a leaf stencil and drew out the design with a pencil then I painted the leaves and outlined them with a white sharpie pen for effect.

The second card I used perfect pearls and ranger's sticky embossing powder. I didnt have any vellum paper but I had a patterned sheet with brown flowers which I fussy cut out and stuck on the card with glossy accents. I added a pink ribbon for effect.

Hope you enjoyed my sparkle and shine cards. Day 5 and 6 will be completed upon my return at the end of the month.

Sparkle and Shine Day 3

I'm telling you that this class has been quite a good challenge for me. I am seeing so much new ideas for my existing stash of papers,stamps dies and more. I am only sorry I wouldnt be able to finish it until I return at the end of May when I return.

There are so many possibilities to using the products that I am amazed.

Day 3 we covered liquid applications and these are my submissions for the techniques.

For the first card I used wink of stella, glossy accents and glitter glue to add shimmer to the flowers. I first added the distress inks to the stamp and then spritz it with water and stamped the image. The colours used were mustard seed, mowed lawn and abandoned coral.

2nd card

I just used the stamp from Penny Black 'Sunny Days' and painted the image with existing paints on my palette. I then used the glossy accents to add the rain and to make a puddle on the ground with the shadow.

3rd Card

Using the balloon dies from Simon Says Stamp celebration time, I drew several balloons and proceeded to paint them. The typewriter is an old stamp I never used and I'm not sure where it came from as I cant find the packaging. I used gold cardstock and modern millinery signature paper. The envelope is from Richard Garay Noteworthy stamp and die set.

Hope you like my cards and tune in for Day 4.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sparkle and Shine Day 2

This class was a bit challenging to add to my schedule hence the reason I am now completing Day 2. With 42 Mother's Day cards to make for my niece's son's class, also had paperwork to find and submit for a new land tax system as well as getting all bills paid including car insurance before I travel to Grenada, made last week extremely challenging but I intend to finish by this Wednesday.

A lot of the materials I do not have but I used what I had in my stash and it has been extremely fulfilling for me to use them this way! For instance I used foil paper and foil cardstock instead of deco foil. Hope you like them!

This first one is my example of 'Simple Foiling'

The sentiments used is from Clearly Besotted Stamps. The foil is from my stash, and I used distress oxide- 'broken china' to colour the background for the 'love' sentiment and to stamp part of the sentiment.

The second card is my example of another foiling technique where the background of the card is foiled. What I did was I used paper with polka dot foiling and then added the diecut ring shape as part of the foreground out of gold foil cardstock. The sentiment is from Stampendous Daisy Thanks on brown cardstock.

The final card is about foiling and stamping. I didnt stamp the image but I die cut it and painted it using zig kuretake clean color real brush and the die-cut shape is memory box tall taper candle cut out of blue foil paper.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be adding the rest of the classes soon. Please leave a comment before you leave.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sparkle and Shine Class Day 1

Hi there and welcome back...

I am so excited to tell you about the new class I am attending on online card classes. It is called "Sparkle and Shine" and I can say it is as much fun as it sounds. Its all about the glitz and the glam.

The first day, we were introduced to some really cool techniques such as using bonding powder and glitter ( creating your own coloured gitter),glitter inlay cards and rainbow glitter (using alcohol markers). I didnt have all the supplies so I improvised alot.

For the first card I used distress ink in dried marigold and recollections 'glitz' extra fine glitter. The stamped message is from Heartfelt Greetings by HOTP and for the bonding agent I used ranger sticky embossing powder.

Regarding the diecut inlay glitter card , I used Swirl ornament by Memory Box Co. with double sided tape placed together to cover the shape and then glitter from Art-C was added. I have had this glitter for at least 8 years I think...hahaha.

The third card I didnt quite do the rainbow effect. While I was looking at the video it reminded me of a 3-d technique my sister and I used to do for our cards over 20 years ago. We would colour the edges of the letters which we assume would be in shadow and give it a 3-D effect. So I tried it out with copic marker Y18. Hope you can see the effect.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Baked Sweets- colouring digis

Hi there

Its good to be able to share my relaxing hobbies with you! Today I decided to spend time colouring a digital stamp by TiddlyInks.

Its called 'baker me some' Its an adorable stamp. I know there are people who think its not as nice to colour a digi stamp as a rubber one but I look at them the same.

In this card I used both paints and water colour pencils to colour the images which were then fussy cut out. I have been using derwent water colour pencils and Kuretake paints together. The paint I used is usually whatever is left over on my palette but I also added distress inks as well but you can't tell the difference as such.

At the end I added the words 'let's bake' which were cut out of old cardstock,I had in my stash.

Hope you like the card